Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Notifier

Have you ever been in a situation where you were forced to check out a web page again and again to see whether a particular information appeared there or not? Well, I have been in such a situation where I wanted to see whether my university results were released or not. Checking out the University site every time using a browser was an option. But I decided to automate the process. That's how the following script was born.

After writing this script , I have to automate the running of this script. This was achieved using crontab . I scheduled it in a way that it gets executed every minute. So when the in formation appears in the web page I get notified automatically.
Note : By changing variables URL,Lookfor and Displaymessage any one can customize it for their own use.
Steps to setting up this in a Linux system
Step1 : Save the script with executable permissions. This can be achieved by the command chmod 777 filename
Step 2 : Type in the command crontab -e .Now a file gets opened up ,to which you need to add the following  * * * * *  absolute_path_to_the_script

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