Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Laptop Battery Monitor Application

I made my own battery monitor application. What prompted me to make my own application for this purpose is that I found the inbuilt battery monitor display of my OS (kubuntu10.10) is not satisfying my needs. In order for my OS battery monitor to display the remaining percent of charge , I've to get the cursor over the battery monitor icon. I found this procedure as unsatisfying. So I thought of making my own application using  bash script. I wrote a bash script for this purpose and then I made it as a crontab entry, so that it gets executed every minute. My application actually uses the Advanced Configuration & Power Interface(acpi) utility. 
The above picture actually shows my desktop panel in the top. The green blur (Sorry for that)text in that picture shows the percentage charge remaining in the battery. Also it changes its colour depending on the amount of charge remaining.
Here is the script :-

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